Sasha Robertshaw Acupuncture BSc(Hons) MBAcC Lic Ac Cert KHTac(Seoul) Traditional acupuncture in Witney, Oxfordshire


I am thrilled with the results of the acupuncture treatment I have received from Sasha!
Sasha took the time to listen to me and work out a treatment plan. Her treatment worked the very next day and after three sessions I know now that I have found a permanent solution to my problem! Thank you Sasha. HP

Sasha recently helped me with acute pain from a ligament tear relating to arthritis. Following one treatment I was able to reduce painkillers and by the third treatment I am currently pain free. She also treated me from the uncomfortable effects of pain killers on my digestive system which has also been hugely beneficial. I can thoroughly recommend Sasha for her understanding and skills. GM

After decades of bouts of clinical depression I decided antidepressant drugs were not for me; I sceptically tried acupuncture and couldn't believe the relief from the first treatment - now Sasha keeps it under control with one or two treatments a year- such a godsend.
I recently was offered more drugs by doctors to treat Neuropathy which was so painful I couldn't sleep at nights for 6 months - this was to be the only treatment offered for an incurable condition. I decided to once again try acupuncture - the freedom from pain was very marked and after one treatment it has disappeared. Truly grateful for the caring and dedicated treatment. VJ

I have had other therapists before, and had given up on acupuncture as I wasn’t getting any results. When I came to Sasha for Acupuncture the treatment was different. Sasha ensures that every acupuncture point is found, which produces a small electrical jolt. The results are amazing, and I would recommend Sasha to anyone. JJ

I had Alopecia Totalis and lost all my hair in Autumn 2015, four doctors told me that it was irreversible. I began treatment with Sasha in October 2015, and began seeing some growth by December. I had treatment for a year, by which time my hair was growing quite long, albeit with some thin patches. Six months later I was so glad to no longer have to wear a wig, and the doctors, of course, are very pleased for me with the outcome. Sasha's commitment to find the best possible way to treat me was amazing. MJ

I’ve always used Sasha when the doctors can’t help. A few years ago, my doctor actually suggested that I try acupuncture, so now I use both Sasha and the GPs together. I really recommend Sasha to anyone in the same situation. JC

Sasha has treated me for carpel tunnel syndrome after 2 steroid injections from my GP only provided temporary relief from my symptoms. The acupuncture treatment has been very effective and I would recommend this course of treatment to anyone with CTS. Sasha has also treated me for sciatica and my symptoms improved significantly even after one treatment. Sasha is very thorough and I would highly recommend her. PG

I really enjoy coming to see Sasha, who explains exactly what she is doing throughout the session. It is fascinating to learn about the physiology involved, and the energy channels, and this knowledge has quashed my doubts about alternative therapies. SJ

The first week in April I went to see my doctor to explain to her how bad the pain was with the Rheumatoid arthritis in my arms. The strength had gone from my arms, to get dressed and undressed was very painful, also putting on and taking off my coat. I was told the only option was to have a shoulder operation. Having had Acupuncture 35 years ago for a stiff neck which solved the problem, I thought I would try Acupuncture for my shoulders. I made an appointment with Sasha and after the first month the pain had eased and the stiffness in my arms reduced. After four months of treatment I can move my arms and the pain has gone. I thank Sasha for all her care and she is a delightful person to visit. JD

I have used Sasha several times over the last year for my anxiety and when my treatment is completed I leave feeling refreshed and a sense of well being. Sasha is very professional and always sanitising her hands after each procedure. Sasha's prices are very reasonable. I will recommend her to anyone who requires her services. and I will be using Sasha again in the near future. JN

I’ve always used Sasha when the doctors can’t help. A few years ago, my doctor actually suggested that I try acupuncture, so now I use both Sasha and the GPs together. I really recommend Sasha to anyone in the same situation. JM

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